About Tankdog Records

The Tankdog Record was founded in Schwendau, Tirol Austira by Klaus Fankhauser in 2010. The label's start-up capital 100€ Enterprise Allowance Grant. The idea that self-expression was still possible in the corporate  a phone an a computer on the bedroom floor. Tankdog Records operating procedures and ethos remain the same – to represent and release music by artists who have no choice but to make music and to draw them to the attention of the outside world.


Whilst we do our best to respond as quickly as we can to all requests, please note that due to the volume of requests we may not be able to reply before your deadline. Therefore please be aware that music owned by the Tankdog Records should not be used without license and failure to adhere to copyright law is an illegal act. Music is licensed at a fee, the cost of which will be communicated to you based on the information supplied by you.